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the recession during 3 year debt crisis thanks in part to the strength of largest single economy which was germany. >> the 2012 edition of a popular wine made in france is being released today and to celebrate people in japan got into a tub filled with the young fruity wine. distributed every third thursday. more than 15 million bottles. >> there's like a baby in there. >> more than 15 million bottles were exported. the two most popular destinations were japan and the united states. it's a tradition get in a tub. >> hopefully they are not going to rebox that. >> stay in the tub and possibly your skin too. >> wouldn't you come out of there so sticky? >> isn't that a waste of wine? >> a lot of questions about that story. >> that's wish i never get into. >> all right. it's nice and cool. probably don't want to go swimming in a pool unless it's heated and inside. as temperatures later today on the cool side. yesterday 49 as a daytime high. 40s to about 50. >> a little chilly yesterday. >> and that was with sun. it's going to feel cooler than yesterday. lots of 30s outside the beltway. and
cliff, the economy goes into recession the beginning of 2013. this is not a small matter. i think we have to address it. >> reporter: it will come down to these two men. the president expected to draw a line in the sand insisting on a massive tax hike for wealthy americans and republican house speaker john boehner now open to raising taxes in other ways. but he told abc news that tax rates should remain where they are. >> on the table, but through reforming our tax code. and i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem, and trying to secure our entitlement program. >> reporter: most economists agree that reforming entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security is necessary, but it would involve a grand bargain. it could take months or years to get that done. the deadline for congress just over seven weeks from now. if these cuts take effect, a congressional budget office report says unemployment could climb to above 9%. some entitlement programs such as social security and medicaid are exempt, but just about everything else is on
to accelerate the economy. one of the points i've made is every economist says another one year extension in the payroll tax cut which benefits 160 million working americans does a whole lot more to help the economy than saying folks at the very high end get this bonus tax break. much more impact on the economy which by the way, the social security has made clear does not take one penny out of the social security trust fund. because that puts more money in the pockets of working people who go out and spend it on goods and services in their communities. and at this point where the economy remains fragile, we have to keep that in mind as well. >> we appreciate you coming in to give insight into this. hopefully we can talk to you again. >> i look forward to it. >> representative chris van hallen thank you. >> each year oxford university tracks how the english language is changing and chooses the word that best reflects the mood of the year. can you guess what this year's word is? we'll have the answer for you after the break. >>> and thousands of twilight fans descend on los angeles. they di
the double hit to the economy of tax increases and automatic spending cuts. besides avoiding the fiscal cliff, they have a half dozen hearings on the resignation of david patraeus. and the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> happening now, the murder trial of a buoy state university student. opening statements set to begin in a half hour. alexis simpson is accused of killing her roommate. killed her last year after the two argued over music played on an i pod. if convicted, she faces life in prison without parole. >>> another case we're following former dc council chairman kwame brown will be sentenced in court later today. bank fraud and campaign finance charges. separate sentences for both. melanie is live this morning with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all of this is going to play out in two separate court houses because he's facing charges in two different jurisdictions. one, the bank fraud charges is a federal case and the other is a campaign finance charge. suggesting in the bank fraud case a 6 day jail term. but could be much longer in the campaign violation c
full. the economy is still in bad shape and he's been working on that. now, as the economy starts to improve, he'll be in a situation maybe to take more of a role. >> i hope you come back to see us. thank you for coming. this is edward i saac dloois dovere: we'll be right back. >>> making headlines, bono will be at georgetown tonight. he will speak with creating change to the power of social movement. he's best known for music but he has been a force behind many organizations that promote positive change. he was named time magazine's person of the year in 2005. >> christmas tree is headed to dc. made a stop in denver. part of its three week 5,000 mile cross country road trip. picked from the white river national forest in colorado. expected to arrive november 26th. the tree lighting ceremony will be held next month. >> that time of year. >> long time before we hear jingle bells every five minutes on the radio. >> 71 degrees but cooler air on the way. enjoy today because today will be the last of the mild days. let's get started with a look at satellite radar. sunshine out there at
is continue to stimulate the economy to create more jobs so people are paying taxes so we don't have these deficits and if it means targeted tax breaks then we should be considering some of those for small businesses. >> do you think we'll see the compromise we haven't seen? >> i hope so. but it's not a short-term compromise. kicking the can down the road by 6 months or a year is almost as bad as doing nothing. we need to see a grand bargain. and the difference between tax increases. and needs to be able to loosen up the strings a little on that. but barack obama needs to know taxes are not going to go up on middle class. where are we going to decrease spending. >> one thing i think is interesting is folks are looking at one of the ideas that came out of the romney camp. let's look at some of the deductions for high income earners. there is ways to deal with that. i think the president is adamant there won't be tax increases for people making 250,000. the middle class can't take tax hits. >> might we see a meeting between governor romney and president obama? >> i would love to see it
to the assassination. and the fiscal cliff if the white house and congress cannot agree. the economy will surely go back into recession. >> we'll also find out if nancy pelosi is going to stay on as minority leader. came leader ten years ago today. last week democrats failed to win enough seats to take back the house. she says she'll make the announcement about hers morning. >> and happening now on capitol hill, massachusetts congressman is holding a news conference on the meningitis out break. calling for tougher regulations for compounding pharmacies. a house subcommittee will hold a hearing on whether the out break could be prevented. 32 have died after receiving tainted steroid shots. >> also happening now, the call for another tobacco tax increase. holding a news conference. wants a $1 increase on the tax. law maker as prove doubling the tax to $2 in a 2007 special session. law makers also approve tax increases on tobacco products earlier this year. >>> also changes coming to maryland live casino. casino officials will today outline plans on how the layout will be changed to make rooms for ope
a deal with the president. they have until january 1st from preventing the economy from going over that cliff. another issue for the president is appointing a new secretary of state. clinton is not expected to return but may stay a few weeks after the president is sworn in again. >> election officials in virginia are considering changes after long lines force some to wait for hours to cast their ballot. the commonwealth is considering switching from the touch screen mondays to optical scans. turn out was less than in 2004 or 2008. there were complaints about long lines and registration issues. now investigating the voting problems there. >> other top stories, gabby giffords will meet her shooter today. face-to-face with the man who shot her in the head at close range. he is due in court this morning for the first time. he pleaded guilty in august to the shooting and find out his sentence later today. >>> a disturbing attack in falls church, virginia. >> a man assaulted a teenage girl at a public library. melanie is live outside the thomas jefferson library with more. >> reporter: p
begins. as voters left the polls on election day. exit polls show the majority think the economy is the most important issue. only 15% said the focus should be on taming the deficit. the latest from capitol hill where a fiscal cliff is on the horizon. >> president obama has won another four years but does he have the mandate? house republicans also won on tuesday. with the fiscal cliff approaching at the end of the year, the fundamentals haven't really changed. the first family about to settle in for another term. won't be much time to celebrate. the fiscal cliff is approaching just down the street and the government could start hemorrhaging cash at the end of the year. >> the fiscal year is $200 billion of spending cuts. going over the full cliff is a recipe. there's no question about it. >> after tuesday does the president have the mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy? something he has pushed for years. >> this is the message american people sent from all over. and that is they are tired of these partisan gridlocks. >> point to the impact higher taxes would have on hiring. but
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9